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Sell My Hyundai

The Easiest Way to Cash Your Hyundai in the Sydney NSW!

If you’re considering selling your Hyundai or are simply looking for a cash for car service, you can do so both quickly and easily with nswcarbuyer.com.au.

Sell My Hyundai

Hyundai is fast growing brand in the Australia, with models, such as the entry-level Accent car and the i30 becoming most popular vehicle on our roads over the last 5 years. Whether you prefer the classic petrol and diesel engines, or the innovative hybrid engines, Hyundai is on top form with each performance type.

If you have one of these models and are considering selling the car for cash, enter your number plate above to get a free and instant online car valuation.

How can I Sell My Hyundai for Cash?

When you’re ready to sell your Hyundai, you can sell it much quicker than you may think with NSW CAR BUYER. Follow our quick guide and sell your car the stress-free way. Sell my Hyundai guide:

  • To begin, receive your free car valuation by entering your Hyundai details into our free quote form. 
  • You could then sell your car the same day, or your valuation will be guaranteed for 10 days so you can take your time to make your next move.
  • Book an appointment at your local branch. With over 10 branches Australia wide, there should be one convenient to your location.
  • One of our vehicle purchasers will greet you and value your Hyundai to offer a fair price.
  • Sell your Hyundai car/SUV and you could receive the cash the same day.
  • Sell My Hyundai Quick & Easy

    When you end your search for a Hyundai cash buyer with us, we will offer you a fair and competitive price for your unwanted Hyundai vehicle, and if you are happy with our price (and we are certain you will be) you could walk away with a check in less than half an hour! We will give you an immediate offer for your Hyundai when you bring it in to one of our convenient locations:

    (SydneyCampbelltownBlacktownPenrithKatoombaLithgowSmithfieldStrathfieldBrookvaleParramatta…), or you can enter your vehicle’s details into our handy online form and get an instant quote online. For a stress free, no obligation quote, contact us today or enter your details now to find out how much you could sell your Hyundai for.

    • Sell My Hyundai Accent
    • Sell My Hyundai Elantra
    • Sell My Hyundai Getz
    • Sell My Hyundai Santa Fe
    • Sell My Hyundai Sonata
    • Sell My Hyundai i30
    • Sell My Hyundai Tucson
    • Sell My Hyundai Veloster
    • Sell My Hyundai Kona
    • Sell My Hyundai iLoad
    • Sell My Hyundai ix35

    Are You Selling works like this:

    • If you’re serious about selling, we can have cash in your hands in exchange for your Hyundai usually within 24 hours
    • We have locations right around Australia that you can visit, or we can come to you if it’s easier. If you want to get an idea of how much you’ll get, simply enquire with us and we’ll give you an estimate
    • As long as it was made from 2000 onwards and has travelled less than 250,000km, we will buy any Hyundai!

    Fill out the enquiry form to the right today, or call us on 0401-333-393.

    Selling Used Lexus for Cash in Sydney

    How to Sell your Lexus in Sydney?

    Are you questioning ‘Selling Used Lexus for Cash in Sydney?’ or ‘how much my Lexus worth?’ If so, then NSW Car Buyer are here to help.

    Selling Used Lexus for Cash in Sydney

    Selling Used Lexus for Cash in Sydney – NSW CAR BUYER tailored Lexus valuation and no obligation cash offers for customers wanting to “sell my Lexus” to specialist Lexus buyers New South Wales wide.

    Lexus vehicles urgently wanted: CT, GS, ES, EX, IS, LS, NX, RX

    Looking for quick and professional way to Selling Used Lexus for Cash in Sydney? Our Sydney car buyers have a quick and easy solution to sell Lexus vehicle. One simple online form to fill in is all it takes to find the best cash offers to sell my Lexus from our nearest branch.

    Our Sydney cash for cars team are always on the lookout for Lexus cars and SUVs that have been well looked after and are on hand to buy your car from you and offer you a cash lump sum in exchange.

    4 convincing points  to sell your Lexus to NSW car buyer.

    • Free no obligation competitive quote
    • Sell your car with confidence to a reputable car buyers.
    • Cash or online banking payment
    • Car collection service New Zealand wide

    How much will I get for my Lexus?

    Well at NSW Car Buying Service, we believe a software generated price for your car is not justified. A Lexus car for their owner is not just an object, it’s the first luxury ride and the first family drive, hence while valuing your car we give it a human feeling and assessment. Whether it is a luxury sport SUV like Lexus RX 350, a or a sport sedan like IS300 F the valuation process will be thorough. Once you get in touch with us by entering your car details our car buyers expert will take every aspect of your car into consideration. The year, the model, the mileage, the leather seats, the rims everything. A machine can’t do that, can it?

    Selling Used Lexus for Cash in Sydney Made Easy

    Quick, easy and simple is how you’re going to find selling your Lexus to us. No matter what the model, how old it is or what condition the vehicle is in or how many kilometers you have on the clock we’ll have it. Unlike other car buyers, we’re trustworthy and flexible. The core of everything we do is the customer. We want you to have a great selling experience, so avoid privately selling, sell to us and enjoy the great customer service you’re going to get.

    • Sell My Lexus CT 200h
    • Sell My Lexus ES 300h
    • Sell My Lexus GS 350
    • Sell My Lexus IS 250
    • Sell My Lexus LS 500
    • Sell My Lexus LX 570
    • Sell My Lexus NX 
    • Sell My Lexus RC 
    • Sell My Lexus RX 350

    To receive a free, no obligation price for your Lexus, please request a quote. If you have any further questions then please contact us on 0401-333-393 for more information about selling a Lexus.

    Cash for Cars Caringbah

    Here is your Nearest Cash for Cars Caringbah 2229

    Sell my car Caringbah, South Sydney

    Cash for Cars Caringbah is what you probably typed into a search engine to bring you to NSW car buyer. We can get you an offer in 10 minutes, and you could have your money in couple of hours time frame.

    It does not matter what make or model of vehicle you are selling because we buy any car. If you have taken the decision to sell your used car in Caringbah, our cash for cars team are the people to deal with. Start by entering your car details into the box on the right.

    We will then ask you some basic questions about your car, mileage, number of owners, service history! That kind of thing. We will then ask you for some contact details.

    Once we have made you an offer, we will ask you some further questions to see if we can improve on our offer. These questions are, does your car have any added features such as navigation system or reversing camera? Leather? Or a Panoramic roof?

    Any of these factors may increase the value of your car, We understand that once you have decided to sell your vehicle. You do not want to travel far, and to that end, our Cash for Cars Caringbah agent travels to  your home address for free car inspection and valuation.

    We Buy All Vehicles

    cash for cars buyers

    We buy all kinds of cars, no matter what the age, history or mileage, we’re interested. To obtain a free car valuation simply enter your car details by filling out the form accurately, and we will reply either by phone or email, depending on your preference and give you our honest valuation of your vehicle. If you are happy with this valuation and want to sell us your car at the agreed price, we will then arrange either pick up, or drop off your car!

    We can buy your car today and we come to you!

    Our car buyers are NSW wide and we have purchasers situated in the Caringbah area who will visit you at your home address to assess your vehicle.

    In addition to visiting you at your home address if you decide to sell your car to us then we will pay you either cash or by instant bank transfer and you will be able to confirm the money is in your bank account before our vehicle purchaser leaves for their next appointment in the southern Sydney suburbs.

    Why choose NSW Car Buyer to Cash for Cars Caringbah?

    Believe us we will help you sell your car if it has outstanding finance, no road tax or road worthy certificate, a poor service history or even if it is an insurance write-off. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive and reliable car buying service in the New South Wales offering:

    • Free, no obligation valuation
    • Comprehensive consultation and advice
    • All the necessary paperwork handled by our team
    • Flexible appointment times and opening hours
    • Fast and secure payment


    Sell My Subaru

    We Buy Any SUBARU in New South Wales

    Sell My Subaru

    Welcome to NSW car buyer. We are a car buying service based near Fairfield in West Sydney. Our business is car sourcing and car buying, the main car sourcing areas that we operate in are;

    and other New South Wales towns.

    We Buy SUBARU Cars & SUVs

    We want to buy your SUBARU, we guarantee best price for your SUBARU, just give us the opportunity to value your SUBARU, Sell My Subaru team promise you won’t be disappointed. Distance is no object we will travel NSW for the right used SUBARU, please call us for our best car valuation now on 0401-333-393.

    Selling Your SUBARU for Cash

    sell my Subaru cash

    As one of Sydney’s best buyers of used SUBARU please contact Sell My Subaru team for the very best valuation on your SUBARU. We have contacts for all models of SUBARU throughout the Australia, this means we already have a buyer for your SUBARU and often means we can pay more than scrap car buyers or any other used cars buying service, try us now on 0401-333-393.

    We Pay Best Price for Your SUBARU

    We offer good prices based on the vehicles age and condition

    • Sell My Subaru B9 Tribeca
    • Sell My Subaru Baja
    • Sell My Subaru BRZ
    • Sell My Subaru Forester
    • Sell My Subaru Impreza
    • Sell My Subaru Legacy
    • Sell My Subaru Outback
    • Sell My Subaru SVX
    • Sell My Subaru Tribeca
    • Sell My Subaru XV Crosstrek

    SUBARU Buyers in Sydney

    cash for cars christchurch

    With a dedicated team of car buyers, we come to you at a time and place that’s convenient to you either at home or at work, we take away all the hard work of going to a dealer and getting a price for your SUBARU. We offer same day collection and payment directly into your bank account or cash for cars option, call today for your free valuation. With NSW car buyer there are no admin fees in place unlike most of car dealers in Sydney. The price we offer are the prices we guarantee to pay.

    We’re particularly interested in purchasing second hand Subaru cars up 20 years old including the Outback and WRX.

    Sell My SUBARU

    If you’re thinking of selling your Subaru, then give the us a call on 0401-333-393 today for a free no obligation quote on the value of your car. Our friendly Sell My Subaru team will always be happy to help with the selling process and can offer a fast cash sale, at the best price for you.

    We are buyers of all models of Subaru including the Brz, Forester, Legacy, Outback, Wrx, Xv, Tribeca and Impreza.

    Our professional service will ensure a fair valuation and save you the stress of visiting numerous dealers and putting up with time-wasting buyers.

    If your Subaru is worth less than AUS1000, then you want to use our Subaru wrecking  for cash service At NSW wreckers they will come out to your location and come and collect the car directly from you.

    If you want to sell your Subaru today, give Sell My Subaru team a call to make an enquiry.

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    Useful links

    BMW Car Buyers Sydney

    Selling your BMW and finding the best price

    BMW Car Buyers Sydney

    BMW Car Buyers Sydney has been designed to help you sell your BMW buy quickly and easily matching your vehicle details with a database of hundreds of different BMW dealers, specialists and car buying companies across New South Wales and Australia.

    By offering your BMW for cash purchase to lots of different buyers you greatly increase your chances of obtaining the best possible price and it’s as simple as completing one quick online form.

    How much is my BMW worth?

    Sell my BMW

    No BMW is the same. With a wide range of series, each containing a variety of styles and models ranging from sleek company cars to 4×4 SUVs, and with the age of the car having such a significant effect on the value, it can be hard to estimate the value of your car. However, if your BMW is in great condition the average value, depending on its model and age, will be around AUD10,000.

    For a model by model value we have estimated the depreciation rate for each in the first 10 years of their production based on the assumption that they are in mint condition and don’t exceed 15,000 per year. The figures highlighted in red are data that is unavailable from a model perspective and are an estimation based on BMWi’s depreciation rate as a whole.

    But let’s not guess, get a free and more accurate value of your car from our online valuation form in seconds and find out the worth of your BMW.

    We Are Specialist Vehicle Buyers Looking To Purchase All Types BMWs

    Always Wanted BMW 1, 3, 5, 6 & 7 Series, M3, M5, Z3, Z4, X1, X3 and X5,  All Models and Ages Considered,

    Saloon, Hatchback, Compact, Cabriolet, Convertible, Touring, Estate, Roadster, Coupe, 4×4, etc. High or Low Mileage, Petrol or Diesel,

    We don’t just have buyers for BMW product either, we car buyers for all types of cars from small electric vehicles through to thirsty V8 supercars such as Holden and Mustag.

    Enter your BMW details in free quote form to get started, answer a few questions about your car and upload a photo if you have one available, then wait for BMW Car Buyers Sydney team to contact you via the site with reasonable cash offers.

    No obligation…

    Oh and although you are obviously under no obligation to accept any of the offers you are given we would love to know how much extra you managed to achieve via our contact page should you decide to accept and offer and sell.

    Cash for Ford


    Cash for Ford Ever since Ford established, it has so strong loyal customers in Australia that. It has been estimated that every year Ford sells around 60,000 cars in Australia. This fact alone is enough to have an idea that why there is always a huge market available for used Ford cars. A number of Ford models have been seen to be at pole position since the conception. Ranger is one such vehicle. Since 2005, it has been winning the Australia’s one of most popular Ford every year. Similarly, the Ford Focus has also maintained its top position for several years.

    With such large scale production of Ford automobiles, it is self-evident that there is a market for used Fords. If you’re looking to trade in your Ford, then the guys at Cash for Ford with NSW car buyer can offer you a competitive price and a quick and easy transaction. We are car buyers of all Ford models and will purchase any of the following: Fiesta, Everest, Focus RS, Ute, Ranger, Escort, Fiesta ST, Falcon, Mondeo, Ecosport, Custom, Kuga, Mondeo, Mustang, Ranger, S-Max, Transit and Sierra.

    Cash for Ford Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool, Campbelltown…

     Instant offers

    We work with the most reputable used car buyers in Australia to ensure a smooth process for you. Avoid the fees and hassle of selling your car for cash to unreliable buyers from internet classified sites like Gumtree.

     Quick and easy sale

    Tell us a little bit about your  Ford car or truck like its make, model, and condition. Accept our cash or equivalent offer for your car and you’ll be ready to schedule a convenient pickup time! In Sydney, pickups can sometimes be scheduled for the same day during normal business hours (not guaranteed).

    Outside Sydney pick up may vary:

     Paid on the spot

    cash for cars Christchurch

    You’ll get paid instantly, right on the spot when the tower arrives. Exchange your keys, documentation, and vehicle for payment at the time of pickup. Our Cash for Ford team is always friendly, professional and respectful. Payment will be either cash or check.

    Experience the fastest way to sell your Ford

    Use Cash for Ford service to get the best offer for your car. Deal directly with our network of professional car buyers or let us help you sell your Ford.

    Our Ford buyers are particularly interested in: Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Ford Fiesta, Ford KA, Ford B-Max, Ford Territory, Ford Kuga, Ford Ranger, Ford Galaxy, Ford Falcon.

    We do purchase other makes as well:

    Holden Cash Buyers Sydney


    Get your free Holden valuation today

    Holden Cash Buyers Sydney Fast, simple and very easy is how you’ll find selling your Holden to us at Holden Cash Buyers Sydney. Selling your car privately can be hugely time consuming and expensive. With NSW CAR BUYER, you’ll find totally the opposite. Unlike other Holden buyers available, we’re honest, punctual and give an accurate car valuation for your Unwanted Holden.

    The process step by step:

    1. Enter and complete your vehicle details
    2. Accept our initial offer
    3. We collect your Holden and give you your cash!

    NSW CAR BUYER will make a FIRM offer for your Renault. If you are looking for Holden Cash Buyers Sydney the SimpleSecureway,simply enter your Holden model and a few simple details.

    Problem free and free of cost our pick-up service works around you. Whether you’re at home, on holiday, on your lunch break as long as you’re in Sydney we can pick-up wherever is most appropriate for you at whatever time is most appropriate for you. We won’t drive away with your car until you can see the cash in your account too!

    We will call you back promptly with a FIRM offer for your Holden, based on your description. If you like our offer, we will collect your Holden at a time convenient to you, and pay you by cash for car or secure bank transfer from Sydney local bank.

    Sell my Colorado for cash

    If you are looking to Holden Cash Buyers Sydney, we are especially interested in purchasing the following models:

    • Holden Colorado, Suburban, Sunbird, Commodore, Calais, Belmont, Captiva,
    • Zafira, Caprice, Rodeo, Jackaroo, Premier, Barina, Kingswood, Frontera, Viva,
    • Berlina, Calibra, adventure, Epica, Shuttle, Astra, Cruze, Torana and Camira.Sell Holden Colorado for cash

    For a quick quote on your car, fill in our form or speak to one of Holden Cash Buyers Sydney team on 0401 333 393 to discuss selling your car to us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much we offer you.


    To receive a free, no obligation price for your Holden, please request a quote. If you have any further questions then please contact us for more information about selling your Holden.

    Useful links:

    Dodge Car Buyers Sydney


    We can PAY CASH for your Dodge Vehicle Today or Transfer the Cash into your  Account within 10 mins, Same Day Collection Sydney

    Is it time to part with your tried and true Dodge? If so, then you have come to the right place. NSW CAR BUYER accept all Dodge models fast payment, safe transaction and fair price. We will buy your Dodge cars, pick-up trucks and minivans regardless of their age, mileage or condition. We will even buy your classic, vintage Dodge including the Polara, Regent and Superbee models. Dodge vans, whether cargo or passenger vans, are also welcome.

    We are experts when it comes to buying all kinds of used Dodge vehicles, and are committed to making your experience as pleasant as possible. Our Dodge Car Buyers Sydney team and car valuation specialists are honest, experienced and helpful, and will provide you with a fair offer after inspecting your vehicle.

    When determining your Dodge value, we will take any additional features such as audio equipment, custom paintwork and leather interiors into consideration. Scrapes, scratches, dings and dents, or mileage well into six figures – none of it matters; we will buy any Dodge.  Enter your vehicle details into our quotation form to get started.

    Dodge Car Buyers Sydney: Parramatta, Campbelltown, Blacktown

    NSW CAR BUYER will make a FIRM offer for your Dodge. If you want to Sell My Dodge New Zealand the Simple & Secure! way, simply enter your registration number and a few simple details.

    We will call you back promptly with a FIRM offer for your Dodge, based on your description. If you like our offer, we will collect your Dodge at a time convenient to you, and pay you by cheque or secure bank transfer from ANZ or NAB.

    If you are looking to Dodge Car Buyers Sydney, we are especially interested in purchasing the following models:

    • Sell My Dodge 2500 Sprinter Vans
    • Sell My Dodge 3500 Sprinter Vans
    • Sell My Dodge Avenger
    • Sell My Dodge Caliber
    • Sell My Dodge Caravan
    • Sell My Dodge Challenger
    • Sell My Dodge Charger
    • Sell My Dodge Dakota
    • Sell My Dodge Dart
    • Sell My Dodge Durango
    • Sell My Dodge Grand Caravan
    • Sell My Dodge Intrepid
    • Sell My Dodge Journey
    • Sell My Dodge Magnum
    • Sell My Dodge Neon
    • Sell My Dodge Nitro
    • Sell My Dodge Ram 1500
    • Sell My Dodge Ram 2500
    • Sell My Dodge Ram 3500
    • Sell My Dodge Ram 4500
    • Sell My Dodge Ram Van 1500
    • Sell My Dodge Ram Van 2500
    • Sell My Dodge Ram Van 3500
    • Sell My Dodge Sprinter 2500
    • Sell My Dodge Sprinter 3500
    • Sell My Dodge Stratus
    • Sell My Dodge Viper

    To receive a free, no obligation price for your Dodge, please request a quote. If you have any further questions then please contact us for more information about selling a Dodge.

    Sell your car fast in Sydney!

    Sell My Suzuki Sydney

    Selling your Suzuki is as Easy as One, Two, Three!

    NSW car buyer will make a FIRM cash offer for your used Suzuki. If you want to Sell My Suzuki Sydney the SimpleSecureway,simply enter your registration number and a few simple details.

    We will call you back promptly with a FIRM offer for your Suzuki, based on your description. If you like our offer, we will collect your Suzuki at a time convenient to you, and pay you by cash or secure bank transfer from ANZ.

    While Suzuki’s range of cars on Australia roads is not as vast as other manufacturers, they are known for producing a range of sleek, reliable and affordable cars. Models such as the Suzuki Swift have sold well in the New South Wales, providing owners with a pleasing balance of great performance and style.

    If it’s time to upgrade your Suzuki however, you can get a FREE and instant car valuation by entering your reg number in the box above!

    Our Cash For Suzuki Cars Price Valuation

    Most of Sydney residents are falling into a dilemma that how I sell my Suzuki so for that people our website is dream come true. We buy any car on some attractive prices which are very much better than the actual market.

    People those who are having Suzuki manufacturing cars for them we had an offer that they come to our website and just show us their interest that I had to sell my Suzuki in New South Wales (Sydney sell my carCampbelltown sell my carBlacktown sell my carPenrith sell my carKatoomba sell my carLithgow sell my car…) and without wasting any time we will be getting up to you and after having a close look to your car we will pay you the actual price of it while standing at your door step.

    If you are looking to Sell My Suzuki Sydney, we are especially interested in purchasing the following models:

    • Sell my Ignis
    • Sell my SX4
    • Sell my Liana
    • Sell my Jimny
    • Sell my Vitara
    • Sell my Grand Vitara
    • Sell my Alto
    • Sell my Splash
    • Sell my Swift

    To receive a free, no obligation price for your Suzuki, please request a quote. If you have any further questions then please contact us for more information about selling a Suzuki.

    We pay top cash for all Suzuki vehicles and  we pay decent cash for trucks as well.

    Sell My Mitsubishi Sydney

    We are always looking to buy Mitsubishi used cars for cash. Should you want to sell your Mitsubishi , we could be interested.

    NSW car buyer will make a GENUINE offer for your Mitsubishi. If you want to Sell My Mitsubishi Sydney the Simple & Swift way,simply enter your registration number and a few simple details.

    Sell My Mitsubishi Sydney

    We will call you back promptly with a FIRM offer for your Mitsubishi, based on your description. If you like our offer, we will collect your Mitsubishi at a time convenient to you, and pay you cash.

    If you are looking to Sell My Mitsubishi Sydney, we are especially interested in purchasing the following models:

    • Sell my Mitsubishi Lancer
    • Sell my Mitsubishi Pajero
    • Sell my Mitsubishi Galant
    • Sell my Mitsubishi Triton
    • Sell my Mitsubishi Grandis
    • Sell my Mitsubishi Shogun
    • Sell my Mitsubishi Outlander
    • Sell my Mitsubishi Colt
    • Sell my Mitsubishi Mirage
    • Sell my Mitsubishi Carisma

    How sell my used Mitsubishi for cash?

    Used Mitsubishi for cash Australia

    STEP 1 Enter Details The first step is to enter your vehicle registration number. Our system will then retrieve your vehicle details from the TMR database. 

    STEP 2 Accept Our Offer Your vehicle information is processed immediately and you’ll receive an instant online offer for your car. 

    STEP 3 Fast Payment The fastest way to pay you is obviously cash. We can also pay you via electronic transfer from our account to yours. There is no charge for this service, and we make the transfer while our driver is at your collection address. Cleared funds are generally available within one working day.

    STEP 4 Secure When selling your car, van or truck online, security is important. An important point to make here is that we will not ask you to release your car until you are completely satisfied with the deal.

    STEP 5 We Pick Your Car Up FREE! Our unique payment & collection service is something that our customers have consistently told us they rate particularly highly. We can arrange settlement of any outstanding finance on your car.

    Sell My Mitsubishi Sydney & Surroundings

    If you are thinking “Sell My Mitsubishi Sydney?” then used car buyers are definitely the right choice for you. There are two simple steps to follow and then you can sit back and leave the rest to us. We firstly give you a competitive price to Sell Mitsubishi Car. We will then arrange a convenient time to come and collect. We will pay instantly at the time of purchase and there are No fees or charges whatsoever. NSW car buyer take all the hassle out of selling a car. We cover the whole of New South Wales (Sydney sell my carCampbelltown sell my carBlacktown sell my carPenrith sell my carKatoomba sell my carLithgow sell my car). Our prices are guaranteed and fair. We try to compete by offering a better price than our competitors.

    We accept all Mitsubishi vehicles, including trucks, cars, sports utility vehicles, vans and mini vans. So rather than searching out someone who specializes in auto salvage, trying to part it out yourself or paying someone else to take care of car removal, we’ll pay you with our cars for cash program.

    Get Instant Quote for Your car

    * We dont share any of your
    information to others